We cherish our traditions and methods of teaching that we have preserved for 70 years.

Since we are a private institution、we are free to be innovative with our curriculum.

Our Japanese, foreign and external instructors work together to make sure our curriculum is fun and innovative.

When a kind and caring teacher raises a child, they themselves grow into a caring and happy person.

Whether a child can finish a task or not, they are praised for their perseverance.

金の星の7つの特徴 The 7 positive traits of Kinnohoshi kindergarten
Point 1 英語が飛び交う園生活
Kindergarten life in English!

日本人·外国人のダブル担任制で、海外で生活しているように英語に触れて育つことで、世界中の人々と共に歩いていける自信に繋がります。発話力を鍛える“LCA国際学園メソッド”や美しい発音が学べる”サイバードリーム”を導入。 驚くような成果がみられています。 

With a Japanese and a foreign teacher in charge, the children are exposed to and in touch with English as if they were living abroad. This leads to more confidence when interacting with people from all over the world.

We use the "LCA International School Method" to train speaking ability and "Cyber Dream" to teach clear pronunciation. We are seeing amazing results.



Children who used to be timid in groups become active on their own.




Expands the children’s imagination. In addition, there are many painting competitions held. 

Point 2 一流講師陣の専門教育
Professional education by first-rate instructors


In addition to gymnastics, painting, marching band practice, Japanese, English, elementary mathematics, rhythmics and dancing, there are specialized lessons such as Pygmalion (which improves scientific thinking) and Logic Engine (that teaches logical reasoning and develops forms of expression). These subjects help to expand the children’s outlook and make them fascinated in the World.


Marching band



Tuning everyone’s musical instruments. Perform on a big stage the children can feel the emotion.




The children learn the joy of cooperating with their friends and boost their bodies and spirits with self-confindence. 




Our children learn English through actions and expression from our British instructor Paul.


Japanese & Elementary mathematics


Develops reading comprehension, familiarizes children with books and improves their Japanese language skills. / Develops senses of sight and hearing using the abacus and the clock. 




Teaches the characteristics of letters and the order of writing them.




Improves scientific thinking and brings out their own abilities. 


Logic Engine


The children learn logical reasoning. In Japan, we are the only kindergarten to employ this method.


Hip Hop Dance


Teaches the pleasure of rhythm and improves physical skills.




Rhythm Instructor Kamuji ( NHK, Children’s educational and well being conferences. ) Improves the children’s motivation and stimulates their instincts. 



Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium

Point 3 一生の思い出となる多彩なイベント
A variety of events to create memories for a lifetime

ここでしか出会えない、親子の絆を深めるイベントが盛り沢山。金の星しかできない沢山のイベントの中で、最大のイベントは保護者が1人ずつクラスに入り、1日を過ごす「1日先生体験」です。我が子の様子がよくわかって、親が子ども達に語る話に、子ども達が食い入るように聞く姿にはいつも感動を覚えます 。

In Kinnohoshi kindergarten there are plenty of events that can deepen the bond between parents and children.

Among these and exclusive to us, is the “one-day teacher experience”, parents spend the whole day with the class and join in with a short presentation and book reading time. It’s a good way for parents to see the progression their children are making.

The children always listen intently to the stories told by the parents.


Kinnohoshi festival (Kannai Hall)



Surrounded by authentic lighting and props, the children do their favorite stage performance during the Star Kids Festival.The final performance by the teachers is also authentic!


Family-participated Sports Day / Pre-school Sports Day


In the morning, the children compete between themselves. But in the afternoon, whole families participate in the famous parent competition. 


Kindergarten trip



The children from the middle and senior years enjoy a river and sea fishing challenge with their fathers. There is a barbecue too. The pre-kindergarten and the junior years go potato digging with their mothers.


Other events

BIRTHDAY PARTY / BON FESTIVAL DANCE / SUMMER SCHOOL (Hakkeijima Sea Paradise, campfire at the kindergarten grounds and a sleepover) / HALLOWEEN PARTY / PETTING ZOO / BAZAAR / CHRISTMAS PARTY / MARATHON

Point 4 遊ぶときも全力で! 元気いっぱい、どろんこ遊び
Play happily with the mud



In the morning and after lunch, we have dedicated free time in the playground. During summer, we put up a large UV-blocking net and play barefoot or shirtless in the mud ( mesh shirt option available ).

We have received many positive comments from the parents, such as their children’s bodies becoming stronger.

There is a park adjacent rich in nature, that has a pond visited by migratory birds. You can find beetle larvae and frog spawn there too.

どろんこ遊びの様子 Have fun playing in the mud
Point 5 急な連絡や深夜も対応
We answer emergency and late-night calls. Childcare








Japanese and foreign teachers play with children and there are popular afterschool lessons.  

※Free after-school care on application. (7:30~18:30)

 Short term after-school care also available.

※Early morning and late night after school care available.

※Facility for Free Early Childhood Education and After school care.

※Parking available (Morning: in front of the kindergarten / After 17:00: park side)

Point 6 充実のアフタースクール
Enriching afterschool




You can choose lessons taught by carefully selected first-rate teachers. Gymnastics, rhythmic sports gymnastics, English, Japanese, elementary mathematics, calligraphy, Okinawan Karate, Baton exercises, piano lessons, ballet, soccer, Go, Pygmalion, Hip Hop dance, Logic Engine, Musical (taught by an ex Shiki Theatre member). 

From 2023

Programming in English classes.

Point 7 健康・安全へのこだわり
Commitment to health and safety
  • 32カメラで観察し、ケガの状況を保護者に正しく報告
  • 警備員配置·保護者ICカードでセキュリティ強化
  • 放射能も除去する最上級浄水機をクラスに設置
  • 家庭機種の1000倍の機能を持つ、プラズマ発生機を全ての換気扇に設置
  • 夏季は大型紫外線カットネットを設置
  • 低温殺菌の牛乳と煮干しの給食(希望制)

  • With 32 cameras, we report injuries promptly.
  • Enhanced security with a security guard and parent/guardian IC cards.
  • Top class water purification system that is able to eliminate radiation. 
  • All ventilators are equipped with plasma generators, which have 1000 times the capabilities of home ventilators. 
  • A large UV cutting net is installed in summer. 
  • Lunch sets with pasteurized milk and dried sardines (on request) 








2022年度 親子イベントのご案内



Our bus routes cover a wide area


  • 武蔵小杉方面までバスルート拡大
  • 預かり保育後のバス運行予定


From 2023

  • The bus route has been extended to the Musashi Kosugi Area
  • We will be providing a scheduled bus service for our afterschool childcare.

You can check the current bus route using Google map.


Kinnohoshi kindergarten uniform



Children go to kindergarten in sailor uniform.They play in gym wear chosen from a variety of colours. During the summer the kids play barefoot/topless. A special vest is optional for those uncomfortable playing topless.


Choice of school lunch box or packed lunch.


School has food options for kids with allergies. Lunch sets with pasteurized milk and dried sardines (on request)


Everyday a class report and photos are sent to the parents.


Our kindergarten is also on Instagram


Our kindergarten is also on Yotube

Pre-kindergarten course
for 2 year olds.





It is the basis of life to acquire the ability to listen to others by the age of 3 while the child’s personality is developing. The Japanese and foreign teachers work to nurture this in a fun and rewarding environment. Cultivate interest, concentration and self-confidence to grow into a good child.

You can join the class with your baby.



  • 4月〜9月 




  • 保育時間10時〜11時
  • バス・給食・預かりなし 





  • 10月〜3月


          ➕講師保育(    5回)


  • 保育時間10時〜11時
  • お子様だけで安定して保育ができるようになりましたら母子分離保育ができます。
  • 保育後〜14時までの預かり利用可(300円/30分)
  • 給食利用可能(1食450円)
  • バス利用不可です。親子登園・降園をお願いいたします。



  • 保育料等在園児と同額 (25700円/月 減額)
  • 保育時間・カリキュラム 在園児と同じ
  • バス・給食・単発預かりあり(有償)
  • オムツが外れ集団行動ができる方は、年少へ編入→長期預かり利用可能


















Parents voice

◆The kindergarten has a system “one-day teacher” whereby one parent from each class participates in childcare each day. I was able to get a sense of what was going on in the classroom. I was very satisfied because I did not expect my child to be exposed to the amount of English that I witnessed. After the “one day teacher”, a meeting is held with the principal to talk about the experience and to give feedback.

◆My two children are attending the kindergarten. My eldest is in senior year, my youngest was able to join the preschool course last year in June. Thanks to that, he can speak more English at home than his brother when he was the same age. He sings English songs and talks in English like he does at kindergarten while playing with his older brother. He can talk about things around him like colors, animals, etc. I'm surprised that my children can reach such an English level in a short period. I feel that English is not just a subject, but a part of my life.

◆I am very satisfied with the full-fledged curriculum covering a wide range of fields, such as how to write letters, the original educational workbooks of Kinnohoshi, painting, music, and Pygmalion.

◆I thought it was wonderful that all the children actively communicated with both Japanese and foreign teachers. I think that many Japanese people hold back from foreigners and are unable to communicate with them, by interacting with foreigners from a young age, not just to speak English but also to eliminate mental barriers, they will be able to play an active role in the future. I think the world will expand. When my child was young, he was the type to be shy and absent-minded, but now he's starting to greet and talk to foreign teachers on his own. I'm really glad he has overcome his fears. He is having a unique experience.

◆In elementary school, my son was praised by his teacher. “Kin-no-Hoshi kindergarten children are well-mannered, so you can recognize them right from the first day.”

◆My 3rd year elementary school child, having talked with his peers about kindergarten said thank you to me for enrolling him in Kinnohoshi kindergarten. He said he had a great time there.

◆I participated in the junior class as a "One Day Teacher”, and I was pleasantly surprised by the children's spoken English skill. They were able to express themselves using a variety of sentences.

◆All three sons of my family are indebted to Kin-No-Hoshi Kindergarten. Year by year, the level of English taught at the kindergarten has increased, compared to the two elementary school students who graduated from kindergarten, my youngest child has the highest English level, and at home he speaks and plays with his brothers in English.

◆When I saw the children in the kindergarten during the tour, I was worried that my child would not be able to keep up, but after participating as the “one-day teacher” in the class, my child who had been quiet, actively spoke out in a well-balanced way. I was impressed by what I saw.

◆The daily curriculum is varied, the combination of foreign and Japanese teachers is well balanced, and there is also a good balance between focus and free time.

◆I was surprised by the speed with which the foreign teacher spoke English, it was astonishing to see that the children understood and responded in English.

◆At home, my children happily talk about things they have learned every day, such as English and kanji. Participating in the One-day Teacher program, I was able to see how the children were learning English and kanji cards from specialized teachers. I could see how the children were enjoying themselves while absorbing various things. I was also impressed by the fact that my child was able to do more than I had expected.

◆Participating in the One-Day Teacher program, I was impressed by the way all the children spoke English fluently and without fear.

◆I was surprised how every child followed happily the schedule that changed by the minute. Also, the children helped each other with everything, and I was relieved that they were doing well before entering elementary school.


  • どこにも無い、世界に1つだけの幼稚園。
  • 同じ日は絶対無い。他では出来ないことが沢山体験できる。
  • 子どもも先生もみんないつも笑っている。
  • 先生達の仲が良い。職員が優しくて助けてくれる。
  • 先生達が元気、真剣、負けず嫌い、仲良し、あつい。
  • 子どもも先生も、頑張る時の頑張り具合がすごい。
  • 園長が面白い。先生達が面白い。先生全員が個性豊か。
  • 思いやりに溢れる人間性を持った集団(先生、子ども、保護者)
  • どんな状況もみんなで力を合わせて乗り越えてきた。
  • 自分も楽しい自分なりの保育ができる。やりがいを感じることが多い。
  • 「1日先生」で保護者と一緒に保育体験ができて、保育者と保護者の距離が近い。

Staff voice

  • There is no kindergarten like this in the whole world.
  • Each day is different. You can experience many things that you cannot do anywhere else.
  • Children and teachers are always laughing.
  • The teachers are getting along. The staff are kind and helpful.
  • The teachers are energetic, serious, competitive, and friendly.
  • Both children and teachers are amazing when they do their best.
  • The principal is warm and friendly. The teachers are all unique and are fun to be with.
  • A group of compassionate people (teachers, children, parents)
  • We all work together to overcome any situation.
  • You can enjoy childcare incorporating your own nuances whilst teaching. I often find it rewarding.
  • Parents and guardians can experience childcare together in the “one-day teacher” program, and the communication between childcare workers and parents is better for it.

After graduation



Kindergarten visit







TEL 045-911-7000


  • 市営地下鉄ブルーライン「中川」徒歩3分
  • 田園都市線「あざみ野」乗り換え1駅「中川」


  • 月・火・木・金 8:30~14:00
  • 水  8:30~11:15








  • Nakagawa Station on the Blue Line Municipal Subwayis a 3-minute walk from the kindergarten.
  • Azamino station ( Den-en-toshi Line ) is 1 stop from Nakagawa station.

Childcare hours

  • Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri 8:30~14:00
  • Wed 8:30~11:15